​”​I quit. I’ve tried everything. Can’t take this anymore”
That was ​almost two years ago at a consultation meeting with one of our clients.

18 months later, ​they’ ​turned down a client ​we referred ​to them.
“Budget is too small” ​they said.​

Here’s what we​’ve​ discussed, two years ago:
Every single business hits a wall​,​ at one point or another, and ​the way you react now will define the way you face walls for the rest of your life.

Feel like shutting doors? Great. Start something else, major success, in 2 years you’ll hit a wall, no cash flow, one million overdraft. “Wh​at did I need this headache​ for​? Why couldn’t I stay small​… Where do I find so much money now… and you’ll run again. And again.

You’ve hit a wall, you’ve tried everything indeed, but you know what? You haven’t tried the one thing that works.
You have value and there’s a market, stay, FIGHT.
You​ will​ make It.

And he made it.
We’re proud.